Private Cloud

When it’s sensitive data, choose the control of a dedicated cloud environment.

Bluecom Networks’ Managed Private Cloud gives you Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It also gives you greater control over sensitive data and mission-critical applications with a fully dedicated IT environment that’s customized to your unique business operations by experienced cloud engineers.

Data Security

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed service in a locked-down location that’s completely yours to control. Our Managed Private Cloud sits in an ultra-secure data centre in USA, and delivers the performance advantages you get with infrastructure that’s exclusively yours to use, physically isolated from the public.

  • Control and customisation; our engineers become your engineers. We provide expert guidance and take care of everything. But ultimately work to your privacy and regulatory compliance requirements. You approve the policies and choose when resources are to be provisioned, applications, storage, operating systems, where workloads will sit, and how data is to be backed up and protected.
  • Supported solution; our engineers and technicians manage everything to the highest standards, from infrastructure maintenance through to backups. And support from the Bluecom  helpdesk team, is only ever a phone call or email away.
  • CapEx reduction; delivered a pay-as-you-go service, private cloud is a direct pathway to CapEx reduction that relieves you of the need to buy costly software, hardware and other infrastructure.