Hosted Infrastructure (IaaS)

Nothing beats the flexibility or the agility of cloud computing and no one can beat the sheer power and economy of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our Cloud Computing platform can scale with the needs of your business, help you deliver infrastructure services to your clients and enjoy the benefits of our economies of scale.

With our Virtual Computing Environment, you choose the instances of operating systems, the network resources and the amount of storage, memory and processing power and we set it all up and deploy an Infrastructure as a Service solution for you within minutes. Change your Cloud IaaS order any time you like to match your business and computing needs perfectly.

How it works:

Place Your Order

Select from one of our preconfigured Virtual Machine templates and be up and running with Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in minutes or specify your own custom VM template and have instant configuration of the VM and the network access. You can use MyCloud hosted in multiple locations with multiple static IP addresses or you can choose multiple platforms in a single location or you can even have both.

Agility is The Keyword

In a fluid environment, business needs change fast and with MyCloud you have a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service that can keep up with your needs. Upgrade and degrade the specifications based on your requirements at that instance. Add excess capacity temporarily when you need it, increase storage capacity during peak traffic, everything is possible, everything is instant.

Pay As You Go

Don’t get locked into restrictive contracts with IAAS providers. With MyCloud from Bluecom you pay only on usage based on hours or days. There are no long term charges plus you have no Cap-ex at all. Peak traffic? Reduced demand? Scale your Cloud IaaS order up or down instantly at no extra charge so that you are never spending your precious budget on excess capacity.