Network Security

You’ve probably heard of the security collapse of major firms in the news of late which have led to them admitting that the email addresses and personal data of millions of their clientele is in the hands of hackers. This is the kind of nightmare scenario every firm dreads. As a result, companies are investing millions in security systems hoping to keep such intruders at bay.

With new threats popping up by the thousands daily, in-house and Internet security have never been more critical to businesses. As A Business Owner, You NEED TO KNOW that your Confidential Business Information is Secure and Your Network Is Protected from Vulnerabilities.

Bluecom Networks takes accountability for your network as you are a part of Our Family. We guarantee that Your Network is Secure and Protected. We monitor your network it 24/7/365 to ensure no threat goes undetected. We provide you with the most reliable solutions for network security that you can count on. We also assure desktop security, ensuring they have the latest antivirus updates and monitoring user permissions vigilantly.

We maintain Premium Alliance Partnerships with Microsoft Cisco, Symantec, Kaspersky

A Cisco Firewall ensures you have the best security tools at your disposal and at the right price.

Examples of Bluecom Solutions:

  1. Antivirus, AntiSpam, Anti Malware Products: Protect both Desktop and Servers from any potential threats. Through Our Partnership with Symantec, we receive Alerts & Instant Removals of any Internal Threats on Your Network
  2. Wireless Network Security: Bluecom assures that if you are running a wireless network, there is always a password protected configuration – to avoid any potential outside entry to your network.
  3. Virtual Private Networks (VPN): A VPN allows outside staff anywhere in the world to connect into your network – as if they were right there in your office. Bluecom sets up a private portal for the end-user to access maintaining the security and safety of your network.
  4. Firewalls: Bluecom Networks relies on Cisco to protect our clients networks. We assure 100% safety so there is no unauthorized access into your confidential information.

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