Antivirus Software

An Antivirus strategy can comprise of a number of different technologies but the most commonly deployed solution in most organisations is software based. This is where antivirus software is installed on each workstation and server and controlled from a dashboard installed on a designated antivirus server. Sure there is little doubt that antivirus software can and will block most nasties from USB devices as well as the internet, but the big questions is, how effective is it at catching these threats?

Benefits of Having Antivirus Software

  • Protects your PC or network from viruses and other forms of malware;
  • Prevents downtime, i.e. valuable working time could be wasted if you can not access your PC due to a virus infection;
  • Protects valuable information on your PC;
  • Prevents other people outside of your organisation being able to access your information whether it is business or personal data;
  • Potentially prevents emails being sent by your system thereby damaging you and your organisation’s reputation. Some viruses access your email folders and send an email to all of your contacts with the virus attached;
  • Prevents the time consuming and unnecessary task of having to clean or remove the virus after the damage has been done;
  • Reduces the potential financial implications – getting the technical support required to achieve removal of the virus and to restore your lost information;
  • Legal implications – in some instances it is required to demonstrate that your organisation has taken reasonable measures to protect the information you hold about your customers and the email you exchange with them;

Antivirus software vendors are under constant pressure to develop more secure products to protect against constantly evolving and sophisticated malware. New threats are released on a daily basis therefore we always tell our clients not to expect your antivirus software to perform miracles as its impossible to keep up to date with the latest threats. Antivirus software is an absolute must but should be complimented with a good firewall, spam filtering, patch management and an intrusion detection strategy. Speak to us about how we can harden your security layer at your site to keep these nasties out.