Spam Filters

Spam filters are an email service feature designed to block spam from a user’s inbox. Because a large amount of global email messages are spam, effective spam filters are critical to maintaining clean and spam-free inboxes.

Although most spam messages are trying to sell you magic pills which may seem harmless, there are some very tricky and cleverly formulated messages that try and fool you into logging to your bank account. From here the spammers capture your keystrokes and treat themselves to some expensive purchases courtesy of yours truly.

Benefit of Spam Filters

  • Increased productivity- The advantage of using an anti-spam software application is that it gives internet users their online privacy. An anti-spam application provides you with only those emails that you desire and does not flood your inbox with irrelevant or otherwise useless emails.
  • Protection from phishing scams- Anti-spam software also blocks phishing mails, which sadly account for more than 70% of the spam emails that are sent. Phishing emails are more dangerous in that they dupe recipients into sharing their personal information. This information is then used to perpetrate identity theft.
  • Customized filters- Most anti-spam software can be personalized according to individual user requirements. You can create filters depending on the type of spam you receive.
  • Clean inbox – Anti-spam software quarantines spam mails to ensure that your inbox is free of spam. The quarantined emails are kept for a certain duration, for example 30 days or so, and then kicked to the curb. This allows you to check whether any legitimate email may have accidentally dumped in the junk mail folder.
  • White listing capabilities- Anti-spam software allows you to maintain a white list that contains addresses of people who you wish to maintain contact with. Mails from these people are never regarded as spam.
  • Reporting features- Certain anti-spam software allows you to report spam. This will prevent other users from being spammed by the same sender. It is always considered wise to report spam instead of simply deleting it.

Spam filters increase user efficiency by sparing tedious manual sifting of legitimate messages and spam email deletion.  There is no such thing as a perfect spam filter. Even the most popular email services are susceptible to two major weaknesses:

  • Even the best spam filters are unable to block 100 percent of spam messages.
  • Legitimate emails are often routed to junk email, or spam, folders, as spam filters often misclassify legitimate emails.

Thus, even established spam filters require some manual filtering, albeit to a lesser degree.

Our email hygiene solutions will remove 99.9% of unwanted and unsolicited messages along with striping out virus attachments. We can even choose what types of attachments can or cannot be accepted to your inbox. This not only saves on loss of productivity but significantly improves the security within your organisation.