Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is an all-in-one that provides a variety of security capabilities that include firewall, VPN,  gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralised reporting.

So what does Unified Threat Management offer

  • A corporate firewall to keep unwanted traffic off the company network;
  • Internet gateway security (which includes scanning incoming traffic for viruses, malware or malicious attachments and web address blacklisting);
  • A network intrusion prevention system (IPS) to prevent hackers attacking unpatched Windows PCs and servers;
  • Secure remote access, enabling employees to connect to the company network while out of the office;
  • The ability to update automatically with the latest security updates, anti-virus definitions and new features so that minimal manual intervention is required beyond initial set-up;

More advanced features may include: a web application firewall to protect the company website; secure wireless capabilities to enable guests to connect to the network; next generation firewall features, including the ability to control or prevent employee use of specific applications such as peer to peer programs.

Unified Threat Management is a great way to have all of the enterprise features at a fraction of the cost of buying dedicated devices for each function. We highly recommend Unified Threat Management solutions for the SMB market (10 to 50 users).

Key benefits of Unified Threat Management

  1. Reduced complexity: Single security solution, Single Vendor;
  2. Simplicity: Single device to maintain and control;
  3. Easy Management: Web-based interface for easy management;
  4. Reduced technical training requirements, one product to learn;
  5. Regulatory compliance.

The principal advantages of UTM are simplicity, streamlined installation and use, and the ability to update all the security functions or programs concurrently. As the nature and diversity of Internet threats evolves and grows more complex, UTM products can be tailored to keep up with them all. This eliminates the need for systems administrators to maintain multiple security programs over time.