Quality Used Networking Equipment

In today’s fast-paced and technology-focused work environments, a fast and powerful networking system is crucial to keeping production levels high. While a challenging global economy can lead to significant budget cuts, IT departments struggle to find affordable solutions that continue to provide the efficient networking capabilities required to run a business successfully. Bluecom Networks provides used network equipment, including refurbished routers, refurbished switch parts and other used network hardware, at a fraction of the manufacturers’ list price. From brand name equipment to hard-to-find IT parts, you’ll be able to find the technology you need to replace or upgrade your networking system.

Choose Bluecom Networks for Quality and Cost

At Bluecom Networks, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. You can forget about the stigma often associated with buying used networking equipment, and rest easy knowing that the technicians at Bluecom are committed to testing, inspecting and if necessary rebuilding used network equipment that will last. With our pre-owned IT solutions, you can save money on the quality equipment on which your company runs, including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP Procurve, Extreme, Arista, IBM, Dell and storage hardware. Get the networking power your IT department needs at the best possible value.

Unbeatable IT Solutions and Services

Your business cannot afford a networking failure that takes days to repair or replace. With each lost hour comes lost production and lost dollars. Bluecom Networks huge inventory is located in Houston, Texas for fast and convenient shipping and delivery that keeps your production flowing. Our technical support team has the experience and expertise to troubleshoot used network hardware, recommend the best IT solutions for your needs and budget, and provide the support you need to maintain your networking system. Bluecom Networks provides a one year warranty for all of our used IT parts and equipment. Be smart – get the most out of your networking system and choose Bluecom for all of your IT hardware needs.


If you are looking for networking equipment like Cisco routers, switches, VOIP, wireless, firewall security, you are at the right place, where you can have many choices and find the one that fits your situation the most.