Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Data Management

Bluecom Networks offers effective, efficient and reliable data backup solutions, disaster recovery, and business continuity in order for you to be certain that your organization’s data is safe and sound. You can also be sure that the critical applications for the business are on hand in case there is a disruption or failure in your system.

Data Backup

In this age of computers, data loss is nothing less than a disaster. After a disaster, it is still possible to recover lost data. However, it is much simpler, faster, and less costly to recover your files from a backup system compared to searching for your data on a destroyed hard drive. Bluecom has the right data backup solutions on-site and off-site.

If you have already employed a backup solution, you must make sure to test it. Through the years, we have observed organizations that were surprised by the fact that their backup system was not working correctly. Some find out too late that their backup solution wasn’t working properly once all their data has already been lost. At Bluecom Networks, we offer full backup testing regularly so you can be sure that your current data is available in the right place, whenever you need it.

Data Recovery

We will help you keep your data safe by coming up with a design for a data recovery solution, which allows you to be up and running with speed and ease. Our data recovery specialists will tailor a data recovery system to fit your organization’s size and resource plan. We have online and on-site backup solutions which are dependable, secure, and specially designed to help you restore your data in the shortest time possible.

When you partner with Bluecom for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, you can:

  • Get rid of worries related to the catastrophic loss of your data – we are your one-stop-shop for all of your backup needs
  • Quit depending on a backup system that is outdated and unreliable – rely on the continuity and security of an automatic cloud-based data backup solution
  • Eliminate potential liabilities and risk – be accountable for the safety and security of your business data
  • Recover quickly – in the event of a disaster you’ll be back to business fast
  • Defend it all – your business data and email are ensured a complete and rapid recovery by our immediate response