Run your telephony in the cloud. Reduce phone bills by up to 50%.

Bluecom Networks can deploy your Hosted PBX fast with more features than traditional ‘on-premise’ phone systems. Enjoy the Cap Ex reduction of a pay-as-you-go service. Plus, get the ability to make IP-based calls over a fast internet connection – at a fraction of the price.

Why Us?

Bluecom is your one-stop shop for everything, from expert advice through to configuration, hardware procurement and user support. We’ve been providing voice, data and connectivity solutions to Australian business for over 15 years. And we’re committed to getting you the best deal on the right service for your business.

Handset or Soft client?

Our dedicated pre-sales staff can procure high-quality handsets or soft-client/headset solutions at competitive prices. Our technicians can install this equipment quickly, to have you up and running fast. Are you Paying too much for telephony? We can compare prices for you, including what you’re paying now, and what you could save.


As a multi-carrier partner, we have established relationships with leading telephony and connectivity vendors. We’ll actively steer you away from over-priced data and service plans.